Cleaning Your Toothbrush

How clean is your toothbrush? Maybe you need to think about that for just a moment. You put your toothbrush in your mouth every day, so shouldn’t you make sure that it is clean? Here are few simple steps to making sure your toothbrush is sanitary and safe to use. It’s nice to share, but… Read more »

What to Look for in Toothpaste

If you’re in need for a new tube of toothpaste, then it’s best to take the advice from your dentist, Dr. Mike Martin, to heart. There are many types of toothpaste out there, which means there is a chance you can select the toothpaste that is wrong for your teeth and gums. So, when you’re… Read more »

What to Look for in a Toothbrush

Are you about ready for a new toothbrush? If so, our dentist, Dr. Mike Martin, would like to give you the tips you need to select the toothbrush that is right for you and your smile. That way you can properly and effectively clean your teeth every day. Our dentist encourages you to select the… Read more »

The Three-Step Process of Placing a Dental Veneer

Are you considering enhancing your smile with a dental veneer? Dental veneers are amazing cosmetic products that cover the face of your teeth and disguise the unwanted imperfections in your smile. If you’re interested in learning more about dental veneers, our team can provide you with an in-depth look at the three-step process of placing… Read more »

Holiday Dentistry: Enhanced Oral Health Care Treatments

In order to ensure your oral health care remains in peak condition this holiday season and into the new year, always make sure you are practicing safe and effective oral health care cleaning habits and eating the right foods. In addition, using the right tools can provide numerous benefits to ensure your smile can thrive…. Read more »

Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Bruxism Treatments

Numerous oral ailments can often afflict your teeth and gums without your knowledge. Thus, it is always important to visit your dentist for routine examinations and oral checkups. If you do have an issue with your mouth, it is important to have it treated as soon as possible. One such oral condition that can easily… Read more »

Using a Dental Bridge to Replace a Tooth That is Knocked Out

The force of knocking a tooth out of your smile can often create a significant amount of trauma that makes the tooth unable to be saved by the dentist. In this case, the tooth root and any remaining tooth pieces will be extracted to prevent dental infection and discomfort. You may find that replacing a… Read more »

An Amalgam Dental Filling Might Be Necessary for Repairing a Chipped Tooth

Sometimes a back tooth can be chipped by crunching down on ice or as a result of unconsciously grinding your teeth on a nightly basis. This is even more likely to be an issue if you’ve recently struggled with enamel erosion issues. If the chip is small minimal and the compromised area won’t appear in… Read more »

Learn More About Oral Hygiene Here

If you have questions about oral hygiene, you have come to the right blog. Oral hygiene is very important, which is why your dentist, Dr. Mike Martin, strongly encourages keeping up on oral hygiene regularly. Oral hygiene is the process of keeping the teeth and gums clean to prevent dental issues. Fortunately, oral hygiene can… Read more »

Water Flossers Can Correct Issues That Arise with Cleaning Between Teeth

The fall season is here at last and with it comes a bountiful harvest, fresh corn on the cob, and a multitude of sweets and treats to satisfy your palate. However, many sweets and treats do contain sugars, or sticky and chewy substances that can lead to oral health ailments. Protect your mouth against the… Read more »